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Introducing: The unique & extremely fast catamaran inflatable's

Fast inflatable catamaran suitable for Rescue or Armed forcesInflatable catamarans by Mad Dog Extreme

These inflatable catamarans, due to their broad beam, generously oversized sponson tubes, tight turning and extreme manoeuvrability at all speeds and their inherent stability, are perfectly suited to Fire & Rescue, Coast Guard, Search & Rescue, Army, Navy, Reserve Units and other Safety & Security operations. When transported, they lie flat on their sponsons (with or without an outboard attached) and are ready to launch in minutes. When used for time sensitive operations, it's the minutes that count and our inflatable catamarans are ready to serve you.

Mad Dog Extreme Catamarans and their close relatives, the Sport Cats were developed from the high-speed surf rescue boats first used off the coasts of South Africa in the early 1980’s. These boats and their descendants were capable of extremely high speeds (up to 65 mph!) in rough water and began to be used as race boats, dive boats, workboats and pleasure craft. The Advanced Cat models are a drier, more traditional version of these boats.

The Catamaran Tunnel Hull is created by using two high-pressure foil tubes, covered in thick heavy duty PVC fabric and custom molded, high-density rubber, to form two wedge-shaped sponsons. The tunnel hull creates lift for efficient planing and also provides a cushion of air for a smoother, high-speed ride. The sponsons are wedge-shaped, providing a good “bite” on the inside of a sharp turn while the outside sponson slides over the water, preventing tipping or flipping. As a result, the boat can perform extremely tight turns, even at high speed. Oversize main tubes and increased beam (width) allow for greater load bearing and stability.
Fast inflatable racing catamaran
Added benefits of the Tunnel Hull design include higher efficiency at speed (smaller engines, less fuel), precise manoeuvring in reverse (very unusual for most inflatable boats), and the ability to row effectively

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